Hello! I'm Sarah the Librarah.....nevermind :) I'm here to share some of my youth services work with you. I've tried to design this site with other librarians in mind -- hopefully it is easy to navigate and you find some ideas and inspiration here! I'm a full-time Youth Librarian in Wisconsin and have worked in youth services at public libraries since 2017. I am currently pursuing my MLIS at UW-Milwaukee! I have two wonderful, creative, smart, talented, and kind children - Fiona, age 10, and Matthew, age 19. Ever since I began working in libraries as a second career (my background is in art and small business), I have been dedicated to youth services and have loved *almost* every minute of working in the library world (if we could just forget about 2020, that'd be great). I'm not claiming to be an authority on anything -- just someone working hard and learning every day. If I can share something that helps or inspires you in your own work, that is my wish and why I've created this site! All of my documents are "living" - so the website will stay updated and change as time goes by!

All of my programs align with many Wisconsin Early Learning Model Standards, as well as many Social Justice Standards. Click here for more information.

I am committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Click here for more information on how I track the books I use in my programs and how I actively work to improve my choices and stay current.

Please feel free to share any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns with me below.